My status

For those who don’t know, I left my academic position at UCI after the 2009-10 academic year and am now Chief Scientist at Hiperwall Inc. full time.

Hiperwall is keeping me very busy as we are getting ready to release our version 1.2 software. This new software is significantly enhanced from our first release. We . . . → Read More: My status

New YouTube Channel

*** Updated with a new account name that is less pretentious than the old one. ***

I just created a YouTube account where I may post movies from time to time. All that is up there now is video of my dog and wife eating corn from the same cob.

I had to use . . . → Read More: New YouTube Channel

Switch to WordPress

I switched this website from Drupal to WordPress today, but not very well. I had intended to do it cleverly, but it turns out Copy and Paste were my friends as I had to recreate the pages in WordPress from Google’s cache (thanks Google, though you missed a couple of pages, which I thought was . . . → Read More: Switch to WordPress

Test from iPad

This is a test post from the WordPress app on the iPad. I wonder if the password is sent in the clear, as seems to be the default with WordPress (and just about anything else).

Kinda nifty that I can apparently add photos easily…

Jennifer’s Soccer Game

Orig: 7/11/2010

I uploaded some pictures from my niece’s soccer tournament at UCI this weekend:

Working on research section

Orig: 1/28/2010

I’ve started filling in content on the Research section of the website, and will continue over the next few weeks.

IEEE CS Orange County Chapter slides

The slides for my talk on 9/28/09 at the Orange County IEEE Computer Society meeting are:

More iPhone 3GS impressions

Orig: 8/18/2009

I’m really enjoying my new iPhone 3GS, particularly because of its large capacity and speed. I can fit my entire music collection on it and a bunch of apps and still have space left. The speed is really evident when launching AIM and many other apps that are slow to start. Also, the . . . → Read More: More iPhone 3GS impressions

New iPhone 3GS

Orig: 8/12/2009

I just got a new iPhone 3GS after having an original (2G) iPhone for about 2 years. While there wasn’t anything wrong with the old iPhone, I longed for the speed of the new one, as well as a few of the new features.


Welcome to

I will use this page to link together the various aspects of my life, career, research, and interests. As I build this site, I will make it the focus of disseminating my research and development. Look for lots more to come soon!