The History of HIPerWall:The Research Software (2005-2006)

The HIPerWall system was a pretty impressive collection of hardware for 2005, with 50 processors (more were added later), 50 GB of RAM, more that 10 TB of storage (we got a gift of 5TB worth of drives for our RAID system from Western Digital), and 50 of the nicest monitors available, but it was . . . → Read More: The History of HIPerWall:The Research Software (2005-2006)

Site Dossier

While looking at my website logs, I found an interesting service had been crawling my pages. Site Dossier ( tells a number of interesting things about the site, including the interesting discovery that there are over 3600 sites on the IP address (and by clicking the IP address, you can see what they are). I . . . → Read More: Site Dossier