Eclipse and Yoxos

I use Eclipse for my Java development. I used to use JBuilder Turbo, but it’s now so hard to get a license of it for more than one computer, I’ve given up and went to straight Eclipse.

Eclipse is a really good development environment with on-the-fly compilation and generally excellent features and a few annoyances. . . . → Read More: Eclipse and Yoxos

Experiences with the iOS 4.2.1 upgrade

I recently upgraded my iPad and iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.2.1 with eventual success, but some problems along the way. In both cases, the OS installation appeared to go fine, but later in the day when I launched the iPod app to listen to some music, nothing showed up. All my music, podcasts, and playlists . . . → Read More: Experiences with the iOS 4.2.1 upgrade

Online Backup Solutions

I’m in favor of the idea of backing up data offsite to avoid disasters and their effects. Living in California, where we overdo it in both earthquakes and fires, data safety is essential. While I was working on my dissertation research and the dissertation itself, I would back all of it up on a CD . . . → Read More: Online Backup Solutions

UCI EECS Colloquium Talk 2010

I will present a talk on “Hiperwall: From Research Project to Product” at the UCI EECS Colloquium at 5PM on Wednesday, Nov. 10, in McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium.

The official announcement is here.

I made minor updates on 10/10, so be sure to get the updated presentation (below).

The presentation is Colloquium Presentation 2010 updated.

. . . → Read More: UCI EECS Colloquium Talk 2010

NEC Display Solutions Partners with Hiperwall

NEC Display Solutions announced today that they are partnering with Hiperwall for our software to power high-resolution display walls (sorry, I can’t stand the more limiting term “video walls”).

For more information, read their press release.

Morning Commute

Looking North towards the LA Basin on a nice, warm day during my morning commute today.