New Hiperwall version significantly enhances functionality

Hiperwall Inc. today announced the new version 2.0 of the Hiperwall display wall software. The new version significantly enhances functionality of existing components and adds two new ones that are very powerful. See the announcement or the Enhancements list for an overview of what is new, but I’ll mention a few of the new features/capabilities and describe why they are significant.

  • Security: Any connections that could connect from outside the Hiperwall LAN (such as Senders and Secondary Controllers) use authenticated SSL connections to enhance the security and integrity of the system. Sender connections even within the LAN use SSL to authenticate the connection.
  • Multi-Sender: The new Sender can deliver multiple portions of a computer’s screen to the display wall. This means several applications or data feeds can be shown from a single machine. Of course, the entire screen can be sent, as before. Sender performance is also improved, particularly when a Sender window is shown across a large portion of the display wall.
  • Secondary Controller: While the usual Control Node is very powerful and easy to use, Secondary Controllers are even more intuitive and easy to use. Secondary Controllers can be anywhere in a facility to control walls distributed throughout the area. They show a low-bandwidth view of the content on the display walls, so they can be used over wireless or at home to monitor the wall’s contents and behavior. They can also focus on a single display wall (in a multi-wall configuration) or show all active objects. You can see how easy the Secondary Controller is in the following video.

  • Share: Until now, the Sender has been able to show applications and other data on a Hiperwall from anywhere across the Internet. With Share, Senders can be shared with several Hiperwall systems, enabling collaboration and communications across distributed sites. Share automatically adjusts the data rate based on link conditions to each display wall it connects to, so systems connected via lower speed links will not slow down the data feed to systems connected via fast links.
  • Streamer: The Streamer can now send what is shown on a display device, in addition the the usual capture device and movie file streaming. This is not meant to replace the Sender. which sends the contents of a computer’s displays, but typically provides a higher frame rate at the expense of much higher network bandwidth.
  • Text: Generate attractive text labels and paragraphs with any installed font in any color and with colored or transparent backgrounds. This is great for digital signage or evenĀ labeling Sender or Streamer feeds.
  • Slideshows: Slideshows now have more advanced transitions, so attention-grabbing wipe and fly motions can be used.

There are many other great new features and capabilities, but the ones listed here are the ones I think will have the biggest impact on our already very easy to used display wall software. The Secondary Controller makes content manipulation even easier and more intuitive than before, so customers can take advantage of Hiperwall’s incredible interactivity and flexibility. Share makes sharing content among walls and among sites quick and easy. Even small features, like content previews, make the Hiperwall experience even better than before. Visit for more information.

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