The new iPad really is hot stuff

I gave my mother a new iPad yesterday in the hopes that it would get her back to reading email and possibly responding to it. Sometime I will write a rant about how lousy the iPad is for the elderly, but not today.

I read all the stories about how the new iPad gets hot, particularly when playing games. Based on my experience yesterday, it gets surprisingly warm when doing pretty much nothing. I set my mother up with email and a few other things and showed her how to browse the web, and before long, the iPad was noticeably warm. Not hot, but unpleasantly warm and uncomfortable. My iPad2 doesn’t do anything like that. So even when not playing Infinity Blade or other graphics-intensive games, the electronics and battery in the new iPad really heat up.

I put one of the magnetic covers on, so I am hoping that my mother folds it around back when she’s using the iPad and that will prevent her fingers from becoming too toasty.

I am curious if this is going to become a problem for Apple, because the heat is surprisingly excessive.

Anyway, I hope my mom uses the iPad and reconnects with her friends and relatives using it.

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