NASA’s New Mars Panorama on Hiperwall

These are pictures of NASA’s new panoramic image from the Opportunity rover on Mars being displayed on Hiperwall. The image has more than 180 million pixels, so it would be very hard to see well on a single monitor. With Hiperwall, we can see the whole image, as shown in the first picture, by zooming out and having it fill the width of the wall.

Zoomed out to fill the Hiperwall’s 20 monitors

We can the zoom in and see more detail:

Closer view of Mars on Hiperwall

When the image is shown at full size (1:1 zoom), there is tremendous detail visible on each monitor:

Close-up Mars on Hiperwall

The Hiperwall software makes it easy to view high-resolution images such as these, as well as movies, streaming video, and live data feeds.

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