I live in a house on a ridge that we’ve nicknamed “Weathertop,” because it gets lots of weather, and, of course, the obligatory Lord of the Rings reference. Last night’s storm made the house live up to its nickname. The winds at Weathertop tend to come from the south west, yet because of the position on the ridge, there is nothing blocking the wind. Of course, our bedroom is at the south end of the house, and the bed is on the west side, so last night I was kept awake by all the creaks and thumps from the wind gusts heard clearly through the window behind my head. The really strong gusts buffeted the house enough that I could feel them. Then the rain hit, powered by all that wind. It sounded like power washers on all windows and doors at once, which is scary if you live in an old house and don’t like water getting in. It looks like we came through relatively unscathed, but I’m surviving on a total of maybe 3 hours of sleep today.

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