“Hey Siri Give Me a Hint”

I’m sure everyone who has an iPhone has asked Siri “Hey Siri give me a hint” after the announcement of the upcoming Apple event that will presumably announce new iPhones. If you haven’t, give it a try – some of the results are pretty cute.

If I were Microsoft, however, I would fix Cortana up so that if anyone asked “Hey Cortana give me a hint,” it would reply “No need to buy into all the hype” or something similar. Same with Amazon: “Hey Alexa…” You get the idea. I don’t know if Google Now has enough personality to give a snarky reply, but maybe something clever could be done.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Apple announces. I love my iPhone 6+, so we’ll see if they have anything compelling enough to want me to upgrade. But I think Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Echo are cool too, so they should be able to have fun with Apple’s Siri gimmicks.

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