SPDS Participation in OptIPuter

The OptIPuter project is headed by Larry Smarr of UCSD and Director of Calit2. The project connects widely distributed computing, sensing, and visualization resources into Distributed Virtual Computers (DVCs). DVCs are dynamically formed as needed for a particular computation project, and include the compute nodes, display nodes, sensors, and the optical and electical communication paths that link them. Because the network paths can be managed and dedicated to a DVC, we anticipate much less variance in performance than conventional Internet-style networks. OptIPuter will enable and enhance intercontinental collaborations, experiments, and resource sharing.

In addition to the SPDS cluster being UCI’s first OptIPuter node, we are directly involved with some of the research components. Several of us are working with Prof. Kane Kim’s group to develop real-time middleware for OptIPuter. This work involves converting Dr. Kim’s TMO middleware to run on Linux, the baseline OS for OptIPuter, as well as strategizing on ways to exploit the low-jitter promises of the network links.

Another SPDS student is working on Prof. Charlie Zender’s NCO->SDO project, which aims to grid-enable analysis tools for geophysical and atmospheric data. This project will take advantage of the OptIPuter connectivity between UCI’s Earth System Modeling Facilty and storage- and computation-clusters at UCI, UCSD, and elsewhere.


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