I live in a house on a ridge that we’ve nicknamed “Weathertop,” because it gets lots of weather, and, of course, the obligatory Lord of the Rings reference. Last night’s storm made the house live up to its nickname. The winds at Weathertop tend to come from the south west, yet because of the position . . . → Read More: Weathertop

Fun evening on April 25

We went out to our favorite Mexican food place (Avila’s El Ranchito) last night, then took a nice walk on the beach. It was supposed to be a lousy, cold, overcast day, but it turned into a delightful evening. Click the pictures to see a full-sized version. All taken with iPhones, so expect noise in . . . → Read More: Fun evening on April 25

In Memory of Sandy

Our dog died this week. Sandy had been with us for more than 13 years, but had been having health problems for the last 6 months. Late in life, she developed diabetes and started having epileptic seizures. We kept it under control for quite a while, but eventually it was too much for her system. . . . → Read More: In Memory of Sandy

Warm December Weather in SoCal

In mid-December (the 12th to be exact), we had temperatures in the 80s and beautiful blue skies, so we went to Crystal Cove State Park for sightseeing and a walk along the beach. Pictures are at:

I took a movie of a pelican skimming across the waves:

Another movie shows a brave sandpiper . . . → Read More: Warm December Weather in SoCal

New YouTube Channel

*** Updated with a new account name that is less pretentious than the old one. ***

I just created a YouTube account where I may post movies from time to time. All that is up there now is video of my dog and wife eating corn from the same cob.

I had to use . . . → Read More: New YouTube Channel

Jennifer’s Soccer Game

Orig: 7/11/2010

I uploaded some pictures from my niece’s soccer tournament at UCI this weekend: