Added the Send to Kindle button

Amazon has come out with a nifty WordPress plugin that allows users to send posts from blogs to their Kindles. Of course since I love new tech things, I’ve installed it on this site, though I can’t imagine much demand for it! Sandly, the plugin does not seem to capture images, even though it shows . . . → Read More: Added the Send to Kindle button

Ocean Views category now on front page

I originally kept the Ocean Views category off the front page, because I had ambitions to put up a picture every day or two. Well, that hasn’t worked out, so I will let those posts show up on the front page. They will certainly not interfere with the web crawlers that grope their way through . . . → Read More: Ocean Views category now on front page

WPtouch – neat WordPress plugin

I just installed a really nifty WordPress plugin called WPtouch. If you are reading this on a normal PC, Mac, or Linux browser or even an iPad, you won’t see any difference. If, however, you look at the site on an iPhone or other smartphone, you’ll see a friendly mobile interface that takes less time . . . → Read More: WPtouch – neat WordPress plugin

Site Dossier

While looking at my website logs, I found an interesting service had been crawling my pages. Site Dossier ( tells a number of interesting things about the site, including the interesting discovery that there are over 3600 sites on the IP address (and by clicking the IP address, you can see what they are). I . . . → Read More: Site Dossier

Added Hiperwall Description

I added a description of Hiperwall.

New bio

I added a new biographical summary to the “About me” page. It covers my work at Northrop Grumman, UCI, and Hiperwall Inc.

New YouTube Channel

*** Updated with a new account name that is less pretentious than the old one. ***

I just created a YouTube account where I may post movies from time to time. All that is up there now is video of my dog and wife eating corn from the same cob.

I had to use . . . → Read More: New YouTube Channel

Switch to WordPress

I switched this website from Drupal to WordPress today, but not very well. I had intended to do it cleverly, but it turns out Copy and Paste were my friends as I had to recreate the pages in WordPress from Google’s cache (thanks Google, though you missed a couple of pages, which I thought was . . . → Read More: Switch to WordPress


Welcome to

I will use this page to link together the various aspects of my life, career, research, and interests. As I build this site, I will make it the focus of disseminating my research and development. Look for lots more to come soon!