Networked CableCard TV Solution

For those Cable TV subscribers looking to ditch their set-top boxes, CableCards provide a way for your equipment (Tivo, Moxi, etc.) to decode encrypted and High-Def TV channels without having to rent a set-top box. I was able to ditch the horrible Motorola DVR box my cable company was charging around $20 a month for . . . → Read More: Networked CableCard TV Solution

New TVs won’t end frustration!

The fancy new voice- and gesture-controlled TVs being introduced at CES this year are evidence that the TV makers don’t get (or even worse, can’t fix) the frustrations many people have with their TVs: The problem isn’t the TV!

The problem is controlling the TV and the cable box and the A/V receiver (and the . . . → Read More: New TVs won’t end frustration!